Marvel Bongart Fellowship

Marvel Bongart


The Marvel Bongart Fellowship of $100,000 was completed in 2013.

MARVEL BONGART was a teacher, counselor, principal who was dedicated to educating children and a Leisure World resident since 1990. She was also an East Mesa Branch AAUW member, President and Arizona State AAUW Officer.

Under Marvel’s leadership, the East Mesa Branch entertained ten educated Russian Women for one week in November 2003.  This program was through The Library of Congress and was called Open World, established by Congress in 2000 and expanded to Russia in 2003.  Shortly after this event, Marvel became ill and passed away on February  17, 2004.  Eisenhower Fellowship Chair Jeanne Dinkel requested the board approve an EF Fellowship in Marvel Bongart’s name, which was funded by the branch fund raising.

American Fellowship Recipients:

2019-2020          Bahar Jalali                   University of Texas, Austin

2018-2019          Miriam Kuzbary            Rice University, Houston

2017-2018          Brittany Fallon              University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

2016-2017          Amanda Hoepfner        University of Utah, Salt Lake City

2015-2016          Elizabeth Verkian         University of Arizona, Tucson

2014-2015          Maria Cecilia Galup     University of Arizona, Tucson

2013-2014          Erin Durban Albrecht   University of Arizona, Tucson

Selected Professions Fellowships

2020-2021          Ann Brunton                 University of Arizona, Tucson