Diversity & Inclusiveness

Development of cultural change requires oversight that will focus on the initiative and will include continued monitoring of the branch’s culture and acceptance of diversity and inclusiveness, especially as new members join.

Diversity and Inclusiveness Initiative:

This initiative will reflect the values of AAUW by promoting diversity and inclusiveness through education, discussion, and programs that highlight cultural, racial, and ethnic differences.  By doing so, we will commit financial resources to programs, activities, and collaborations that encourage personal awareness so our members will better appreciate and value the diversity of various cultures and races and proactively look for inequities in the treatment of these differences.


Elements of Diversity and Inclusiveness

 1. Establish a sense of belonging for everyone

This initiative may be about going outside our comfort zone and outside our community.

2. Branch members will drive inclusiveness

This initiative should not be perceived as a top down task, but one that supports the     continued growth and success of our branch.

3. Inclusion is ongoing to maximize connection

Members’ continual sensitivity to diversity and inclusion will drive a diverse and cohesive branch.

4, Focus on helping individuals thrive

As the initiative moves forward, this should be our goal.