For thirty-one years, members of the AAUW of East Mesa (AZ) Branch have raised money to send local scholars to college by organizing various fundraisers.  In 2016, the East Mesa Branch received an endowment from Violet Larney, the founder and first president of our branch. In addition to the earnings from the endowed funds, an annual Scholarship Luncheon raises addition funds to provide for twelve scholarships awarded each year to local students.  Each scholarship recipient has an East Mesa Branch member serving as her mentor to provide advice and support throughout the duration of her award.

Scholarship Applications are accepted for the AAUW of East Mesa (AZ) Branch Scholarships through the Arizona Community Foundation.  The website is https://www.azfoundation.org/Scholarships.  Applications are accepted each year from January 1 through March 14. Before applying for the scholarships, please consider the Scholarship Criteria:

Scholarship Criteria and Application